Using KYC to Prevent and Detect People Drinking Underage

KYC, Underage Detection
Underage Drinking.png
Age 21 is the legal drinking age for people in the USA. Anyone who sells alcohol to a minor intentionally or unintentionally is regarded as committing a crime in the states. The state laws differ widely in their details, however, the age of 21 is the legal age to drink, buy, or own alcohol and it applies identically to all states in North America.
There could be some minors trying to buy alcohol with a fake IDs. And let’s say the liquor business didn’t have a distinctive method or tool to catch fake IDs and minors lying about their age. However, it also depends on the state whether sellers can avoid conviction or accept the mistake in a court’s decision.
The penalties for selling or supplying alcohol to minor is considered a misdemeanor. As the laws regarding alcohol related to minors vary by state, there is a range of penalties for business owners selling alcohol to minors. It varies but to name a few is liquor license suspension or revocation, fines, probation, jail, or prison time.
Despite how hard and specific steps the seller takes to prevent and distinguish underage from buying alcohol, some states keep a strict stance on liability offenses. But some states accept the mistake which affects the sentence determination. How hard the alcohol sellers try to detect minors, it is challenging to prevent underage coming up with ingenious methods to access alcohol. No matter how unfair you feel, it does not affect the court's decision.
So having a reliable and trustworthy method to detect minors using fake IDs and lying about their age is essential to business owners. Verifying a fake ID can be one way. But distinguishing whether the ID holder is the one he/she claims to be is also important. Be prepared with such a reliable method using KYC. KYC, Know Your Customer, is a great method to detect whether the ID holder is really the person they claim. It will automatically verify if the person was using fake IDs.
ARGOS KYC can help liquor business owners from going through such pain-causing incidents related to underage buying and drinking alcohol. KYC is a simple step for customers to do. Take two pictures. 1) Government-issued IDs such as a driver’s license and 2) a selfie. That’s it. With simple steps and a short time, users can be verified whether they are trying to illegally access alcohol or not. Do not get fooled by the disguised methods the underage is trying to use.
ARGOS offer a free demo version for anyone interested in applying KYC to business operation. Feel free to contact team ARGOS as we can support you and your business from any kind of incident.