Argos KYC API Ver 2.0 Released

New Release, API Ver 2.0
Argos KYC API Ver 2.0.jpg
Argos KYC is happy to announce new API Ver 2.0 has been released. Our clients can submit customers' KYC form data using Argos API and check the KYC process. Here is a glimpse of what kinds of features have been updated from the previous version.
Broaden ID recognition and OCR coverage number
Simplified KYC process steps
Improved user convenience
Added automatic verification solution

1. Increase in ID recognition and OCR coverage number

Previously Argos KYC supported around 300 ID types, but this number has increased to 1,400 ID types. Argos KYC is expecting to provide an increase in onboarding speed for users.

2. API Structure Revision

Simplified 2 steps are needed whereas 3 steps were requested in the previous version. This means improvement in user usability with API structure update. The steps require only two: upload ID document and selfie photo.

3. User convenience improvement

Three improvements are supported.
Image download
Data deletion
AML report download
The previous version did not support downloading these documents. However, the newly released API Ver 2.0 supports direct download, direct deletion, and AML report download. Argos KYC clients can now utilize data with speed and accuracy through the updated API version.

4. Dashboard design update

Argos KYC has improved the readability and speed through the newly designed dashboard. We are expecting an increase in satisfaction from our clients.

5. Automatic authenticity validation (Only Republic of Korea)

ID documents from the Republic of Korea can be automatically verified regarding authenticity.