ARGOS ID x Samsung Financial Networks Startup Rallyup

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ARGOS ID x Samsung Financial Networks Startup Rallyup
ARGOS ID is proud to announce that the ARGOS team has been selected for the Samsung Financial Networks Startup Rallyup program. The program started with the aim of supporting startups in 2019. A total of 12 startups have been selected as a member in 2022. ARGOS team is looking forward to various supports, including collaboration, investment, open forum, and 1:1 consultation support.
ARGOS ID is a Travel Rule compliance solution provider, helping businesses to comply with the regulation regarding crypto wallet usage. The service brings full coverage on verifying non-custodial wallets fast and seamlessly. ARGOS ID has 4 main features. 1) Easy Connection, 2) Web 3 Environment, 3) Simple Procedure, 4) Transaction to Third Party. Users can experience seamless verification from ARGOS ID with simple Web SDK through Javascript. ARGOS ID is a digital ID suitable for Web 3 environment, providing a self-sovereign solution meaning users can manage and delete their own ARGOS ID.
ARGOS has expanded its business into a crypto personal wallet signature verification service based on its expertise in an identity verification solution called KYC (abbreviation for Know Your Customer). In line with the rapid growth of the blockchain industry, the ARGOS team created the ARGOS ID solution so that users can engage in various activities related to virtual assets in a safe environment. It is believed that the ARGOS ID service will be useful in the blockchain industry, which has lacked the provision of a safe environment due to relatively low regulation.
Looking forward to numerous collaborations and support from the Samsung Financial Networks Startup Rallyup program.