ARGOS KYC goes a step further with support for recognizing new alien registration cards of South Korea.

New Alien Registration, South Korea
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Hello, we have some great news for all our international users of ARGOS KYC. We are pleased to annannounce that ARGOS KYC now supports recognition of the new Alien Registration Card issued by the Korean Ministry of Justice.
First of all, ARGOS KYC supports the recognition of more than 2,000 types of IDs from more than 230 countries around the world. ARGOS KYC's ability to do this is powered by powerful AI technology. Our AI is trained to recognize and understand a wide variety of ID formats and information, ensuring accurate and fast recognition of any ID.
This new update adds recognition of the new Alien Registration Card issued by the Korean Ministry of Justice.
The new design of the Alien Registration Card, which was issued on April 1, 2023, can now be easily recognized by ARGOS KYC. This is in response to the growing number of ID card updates around the world, including South Korea.
ARGOS KYC is always striving to track the latest global ID data and support fast recognition. This update to the Alien Registration Card is part of that, allowing us to recognize and respond to a wider range of IDs.
What's more, our clients will be able to take advantage of this update immediately without any action. You'll be able to use the new Alien Registration Card recognition features while keeping your current system in place, making it even more convenient than before!
For more information on the official materials from the Ministry of Justice and the types of IDs currently supported by ARGOS KYC, please refer to the links below.
With over 2,000 types of IDs recognized in over 230 countries around the world, ARGOS KYC will continue to work hard to support more types of IDs and provide faster recognition support. With ARGOS KYC, complex and difficult ID recognition problems are no longer a concern. Stay tuned for more developments in ARGOS KYC. Thank you for your continued support!