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Selfie Verification, KYC
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Selfie Verification
There are three main reasons why Argos KYC uses selfie verification for an online KYC (Know Your Customer). We have explained the first reason on 'Why Selfie ID Verification for KYC'. You can read it here.
In this post, we will cover the second reason why selfie verification is good enough to go through the KYC although there is a much stronger tool on identification such as fingerprint and iris.
Registered Identity Information on Government Authority
When verifying identities, KYC solution providers hold the right given by the government authority to look at the individual information.
The government holds individuals' information upon birth. When a child is born, birth registration is done. This is the process of recording a child's birth on a permanent and official record. This is his or her first legal proof of identity.
Based on the registered information, the government holds individual identity data and this is where the KYC service providers use it for the identity verification process.
Photo on ID - The Foundation of Identity Verification
Identity information gets registered upon birth.
The government applies individuals' privacy information in a particular way.
The method of applying information is identical wherever in the world.
The biometric information - face photo - on ID stays the same globally.
Argos KYC aims on identifying anyone from anywhere globally. Since the most commonly used protocol is checking the information shown on the ID card, online KYC service providers check face photos on the ID document and compare them with submitted selfie photos.
The online KYC process is exactly the same thing as what we have done traditionally. Argos KYC is doing the identical process but digitally, without any direct human contact. Experience hassle-free KYC process with Argos KYC.
Identify anyone anytime anywhere with an online KYC service. Got you covered.