ARGOS' New Beginning, Design Renewal

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In 2024, ARGOS Embarks on a New Chapter.

ARGOS is pioneering the eKYC service, providing a non-face-to-face identity authentication solution, along with the KYB service, which is a corporate identity verification solution. Additionally, we are developing a new service called ARGOS Onboarding Wizard, which integrates eKYC and KYB using Gen AI technology.
In today's increasingly sophisticated society, fraud involving various types of forgery and theft is on the rise. To address this, we have developed a sophisticated artificial intelligence capable of preventing these issues and are currently offering customized solutions to diverse sectors including blockchain, finance, telecommunications, gaming, and IT services.
Headquartered in the United States, with a branch in Korea, Argos' services are currently utilized by companies and consumers across 11 countries, including Switzerland, Germany, Singapore, and Hong Kong, in addition to the U.S. and Korean markets. With an average annual service growth rate of 100% and an annual contract renewal rate of 94%, we are exceeding our growth expectations, facilitating over 370K user onboardings annually and achieving a user onboarding growth rate of 134%.
As ARGOS continues to grow, we are taking this opportunity to advance our brand and design. Today, we are excited to share the story behind the newly renewed Argos logo design.

Renewal Direction and Design Concept

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During the planning phase of our brand and design renewal, we realized that our existing logo did not adequately represent the value of our services. Therefore, our primary objective was to encapsulate the essence of ARGOS' services in the new logo.
The renewed logo represents the core values of ARGOS, recognizing diverse fragmented and unstructured information and consolidating it to deliver services in the format our customers desire. The design was refined with three keywords in mind: Bold, Refined, and Meaningful.
The final design, selected through a process of disassembling and reassembling various drafts and ideas, metaphorically expresses numerous unstandardized data in the form of pixels and embodies the values of connecting various comparative and verification processes through a scanning motif.
We are committed to enhancing our services and brand starting with this new logo, so please continue to support ARGOS' journey forward!