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Valid ID Types, KYC
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Have you ever got confused about which ID cards to use when doing KYC? Here is a short and easy way to remember which ID cards are good to use for the online KYC process.
When going through KYC, identity verification solution provider such as Argos KYC asks for a valid ID card to start and finish the KYC process. There are numerous ID types in each country, but when doing KYC only government-issued ID cards with a face photo are accepted.

Valid ID Lists

KYC is verifying whether the person is the one who they say is by comparing the face on the ID card and the submitted selfie photo. The ID documents should be issued by the government and must include a face photo.
Driver’s License
State issued ID
Military Identification Card
Other government-issued identification cards with face photo
Government-issued ID cards that do not include a face photo will not be accepted to use in the KYC. It is because KYC is an online verification process in which comparison is a required process. ID cards that are commonly used are acceptable for KYC, such as driver's license or passport. When you are not sure whether your ID card can be used for KYC, just remember whether it’s 1) issued by the government and 2) has a face photo.
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