Why Argos for KYC Service? 210+ Countries Coverage!

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When looking for an online identity verification solution, it is important to know how many countries the KYC provider can offer. The coverage number is a crucial point for companies as the number signifies how many countries’ IDs can be covered for identity verification. This greatly matters to companies targeting global users. Currently, Argos KYC can provide an automatic KYC process of IDs issued from more than 210 countries around the world.
We provide a combination of automatic process and manual processes. Thanks to the active AI technology usage during the KYC process, users can go through smooth and hassle-free KYC steps. One of the ways is using the OCR ID Template. OCR technology is applied in the KYC solution and it automatically extracts information from the ID card. This decreases the KYC process time as users do not have to type every information such as name, date of birth, gender, and nationality.
Argos KYC is proud to announce to companies looking for a broad coverage spectrum from the KYC service provider. We currently can provide coverage for more than 210 countries. Also, Argos supports 94 multi-languages for the OCR. Regardless of the age or the length of the name, anyone can easily go through KYC and complete the process.
Thinking about the users’ convenience is important. But doing it right is also important. Argos puts the user's convenience first but also does not forget about the accuracy. Use the right KYC service to global users. Argos KYC got you covered!
Argos KYC coverage around the world
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