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KYC Process
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Are you one of the businesses that want to know the detailed process of KYC? Let us help you with what steps are needed on Know Your Customer process, on the business side and the user side.
Knowing who you are doing business with is important. It provides a trustworthy environment for both the business and the user. The revenue increase is crucial, but doing so in a reliable and safe environment is also important.

KYC Process Steps - Business Side

Once decided to verify future customers' identities, then this is what you need to do. When your customers onboard, you let them go through a seamless KYC process provided by Argos KYC.
The KYC process itself usually takes less than 5 minutes.
As Argos KYC can support verifying more than 4,000 ID documents from 193 countries around the world, global coverage is possible. So from where in the world your potential customers are, Argos KYC can support your business in verifying clients' identities.

KYC Process Steps - User Side

KYC process steps are simple and fast, but reliable with Argos KYC. These are what your future customers need to do.
1) Take a photo of the ID
(e.g. passport, driver's license, government-issued ID)
2) Take a selfie
That's it.
Once submitted, a hybrid of AI technology and human experts will go on and verify identities based on the provided documents.

AI Technology with Global Coverage

You can identify anyone at any time anywhere with Argos KYC AI technology. This means businesses can have a global onboarding coverage, decrease in cost, and meet gov't compliance. Build a relationship with trusted ones.