Argos KYC Holds Certified Biometric Performance Test Result

ARGOS KYC, Biometric Performance Certification
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As a solution provider on global identity verification, holding the right technology regarding the bio-recognition system is crucial. Argos KYC provides the KYC and AML solution where all the process is done without direct contact. This is possible through various technologies, including OCR technology, liveness detection, and face verification. Face verification is crucial as it works as a key tool for the seamless KYC process.
In order to improve the KYC procedure, especially in the face comparison and verification, Argos KYC constantly strives on gaining more delicate and accurate skills in face recognition. This technology is applied during the face comparison process after submitting the ID card and the selfie. We are proud to inform our potential clients and customers that Argos KYC holds KISA(Korea Internet & Security Agency) biometric system performance test certificate as of May 2022.
Biometric performance test certification regarding biometric performance is crucial as Argos KYC provides identity verification solutions only through an online process. KYC validation results such as approved, rejected, pending, or incomplete is based on the information collected from the user side, holding the proper technique is a significant factor.
KISA, Korea Internet & Security Agency, is an institution that tests, evaluates, and certifies algorithm performance, standard conformance, and counterfeit defense performance. KISA aims at performance with the intention to strengthen the competitiveness of biometric systems. The biometric performance test is conducted at the Biometrics Information Testing Center (K-NBTC) and evaluates four biometric algorithms: face, fingerprint, vein, and iris. KISA functions similar to NIST(National Institute of Standards and Technology) in the USA.
In the case of Argos KYC which provides contactless customer verification service, a certificate was issued for meeting the evaluation criteria in the face recognition sector.
Argos KYC aims on providing a seamless KYC(Know Your Customer) identity verification with AI integration. Covering more than 210 countries’ ID verification, Argos KYC is proud to support clients providing international service. Make sure to apply KYC and AML solutions with reliable and global coverage KYC providers.
※ Certification validity period for biometric system standard conformity and performance is 3 years from the date of issue.
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