How to build a safe and secured coworking space

Coworking Space
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As the gig economy has gained the spotlight, the number of gig workers such as freelancers, independent contractors, project-based workers, and temporary or part-time workers has increased. The unique trait of gig workers’ work environment such as being mobile in place and being flexible during working hours has made the demand on the coworking space. Coworking space is a great option for freelancers as they can access an office that is located in various spots and operate 24/7. If the shared workplace company owns multiple locations, it becomes more attractive to gig workers who work by moving around different places and cities with flexible business hours.
Not only gig workers but also startup companies can utilize the coworking office as it offers a furnished environment. This decreases the burden for early-stage companies which do not wish to spend the expenses on office supplies in the beginning.
However, just like the coin has both sides, coworking spaces also possess a downside. There are distractions, noise, unavailability of personalization, low privacy, and most importantly, security and safety issue. This is due to the main feature of a shared office place, having to use common areas such as cafes, meeting rooms, lounges, and conference rooms with other people.
When it comes to the positive feature of a 24/7 access office, regardless of the benefit of the ability to work whenever one wants, safety can become an important factor. During off-work hours, security issues at coworking spaces may include physical security and technological security. Overcoming and solving these numerous challenges in the current coworking space are arising.
The one way to solve this safety issue can be a KYC adaptation in this shared workspace. KYC is a solution that collects users’ ID cards and faces photo information. Just like the process when we check in to the hotel or do the check-in for immigration at the airport, a somewhat classic and simple process can be a great tool in this shared business space. Applying surveillance cameras which are considered to be a norm, other actions are requested on the customer side. When the sense of safety is shared, most likely people in the coworking place will also be satisfied.
A simple process - checking ID cards and taking photos of the person’s face - can be a strong tool to build a sense of secure and protected environment. Applying KYC is possible in any industry. It is simple and hassle-free on the user side. So why not apply KYC from Argos KYC which provides global identity information coverage of more than 210 countries? Run a business not only with great services but also with a sound sense of security. Argos KYC can support your business to reach its goal while holding a profound sense of safety. Argos KYC got you covered!