Argos KYC and Emmersion Form Global Partnership

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New Partnership, Emmersion

Online identity verification service(KYC) provider Argos KYC and AI-driven language assessment company Emmersion announced that they are joining a global partnership.

Argos KYC is a global company providing an online identity verification solution known as KYC(Know Your Customer). Argos KYC offers global coverage of identifying individuals from over 210 countries with AI technology. The solution can verify over 1,600 ID documents with machine learning and 4,000 ID documents with expert reviews. Argos KYC can help companies who need international coverage to identify anyone at any time anywhere.
Providing a liveness detection upon selfie data submission doubles the reliability of the verifying process. Liveness technology can detect whether the selfie photo is taken in real-time or not. Argos KYC provides easy, fast, and reliable identity verification solutions with a smooth and hassle-free KYC experience.
Emmersion aims to unlock life-changing employment opportunities for people through an AI-driven, fully-automated language assessment and analytics solution. With Emmersion, companies that need to hire qualified and experienced candidates can identify them through automated language assessment tools. Emmersion provides accurate and immediate reports in languages including English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Mandarin and Japanese.
Applying an online identity verification solution provided by Argos KYC will ensure that the person who registered the language screening process is truly the one who is behind the monitor. This will support Emmersion in providing a reliable service to corporate HR, contact centers, language companies, and academia. Verifying identities can provide a reliable pool of candidates who have done a language ability test.
The process can be incorporated with  Emmersion in a simple and hassle-free way. When a user registers with Emmersion, they would be asked to do two actions. 1) Take a photo of the ID and 2) take a selfie. The user needs to provide a valid ID such as a passport or driver's license. Upon submission, Argos KYC will extract the information from the ID document - name, sex, date of birth, and a photo. When a selfie is taken, Argos KYC AI technology can detect and compare the face from the selfie and a submitted ID respectively.
With the AI technology used by Argos KYC, persons taking Emmersion assessments can be identified at any time anywhere with high reliability.