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Web 3.0, blockchain
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We talked about Web 3.0 in the basic definition, the meaning, and the difference of the current internet environment(Web 2.0). Let us go a little deeper regarding how and where Web 3.0 is going to be active.
Web 3.0 is yet to come but it is going to be much more revolutionized which can process information like a human. When talking about Web 3.0, we cannot forget about decentralization and blockchain. The current generation of the internet stores and processes data in a centralized way. All the data individuals create, whether it is searching specific topics or creating image and video content, there are platforms we use. They are Google, Instagram, Youtube, and Twitter to name a few. And as you may know, all these big technology companies collect data. So the data are collected and used in a centralized format.
In Web 3.0, we expect that users and machines will be able to interact with data. This is where Web 3.0 needs more artificial intelligence (A.I) to process data and be able to communicate with users. Using AI technology is related to the idea of providing relevant information to end-users with speed and accuracy. Web 3.0 will operate in a decentralized environment where the concept of blockchain and cryptocurrency also gets involved.
Where Web 3.0 is expected to provide such convenience to the end-users with greater usage of AI technology. Argos KYC, an identity verification solution provider, we view Web 3.0 where verifying identities would become an important factor. When there is a gathering of people, people on the internet with a decentralized environment, transparency would become a crucial part. Transparency in interaction, communication, and activities related to finance. So we see that identifying identities would become a valuable process for people around the world to use and participate in the Web 3.0 environment.