KYC Verification Process: The Procedure to Know Your Customer

KYC Verification Process
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Do you remember your visit to the bank branch when opening an account? As banks care about identity seriously, an actual visit to a branch was usually required before becoming a bank customer. As an individual, you would visit a bank and provide a valid ID. The bank staff would gather all the necessary information provided from the customer side to check the validity. In one word, bank staff and bank customers had to be at the same time in the same place.
However, thanks to the internet, now customers can create a bank account online. In the US, as long as the customers are 18 years or older and legal U.S. residents, online registration is available. What customers need to provide is 1) name, 2) date of birth, 3) Social Security Number, 4) phone number 5) email address, 6) physical U.S. address, 7) and a valid, government-issued photo ID such as driver's license if required during the online application. In other words, bank staff and bank customers do not need to be at the same time in the same place anymore. As long as the provided information is well prepared and clear, opening a bank account online became possible. So all these activities required by the bank through an actual visit to a financial center now have become possible online.
The process of Know Your Customer to verify who they say to be is asked by the business before starting the transaction. What has been added to the process is that once considered only available on a face-to-face KYC procedure has now become possible online. In other words, the traditional method of verifying a user has now transferred online.
Let's look at how you can join as a new customer for a specific business. The following steps are required by the users/customers side.

KYC Verification Process for the Users

Step 01

Input email address

Step 02

Upload a government-issued ID with a photo
-No information should be covered unless mentioned

Step 03

Upload a photo facing the camera

Step 04

The process required on users is finished.
Simple and easy on the online identity verification process for the users. Businesses can decide which information should be submitted by the user side. As long as the submitted information and documents are clear, it would not take long for the business to allow customers to hop on the business.

KYC Verification Process for the Business Operation

With all the collected information, business operators can easily verify new customers. Once considered to be available through the face-to-face verifying process has now become possible through the online verification process.
Allow customers around the world but only with the ones who are verified and approved legally and legitimately. Expand your business opportunity in a global environment. With Argos KYC, you can decide who can join and who would be not by the levels of security question.

Why Argos KYC on Identity Verification

Argos' KYC verification procedure is operated with AI technologies. AI can be automated which enables speed and accuracy in the process. Argos KYC solution provides 1) OCR Data Extraction, 2) Face Verification, 3) Liveness Check, 4) Fraud Detection on the KYC process.
Argos KYC can verify over 1,400 ID types, covering over 4,000 ID documents from more than 190 countries. If you are an international business that needs global coverage, Argos KYC got your customers covered wherever in the world.
KYC verification process is simple and easy, but safe and strong in security. Your business does not need to go through complicated steps. With Argos KYC, you can let your users on board with a seamless KYC process through desktop or mobile as they wish. Let us know if you would like to know in detail regarding the KYC service in order to welcome various users aroudn the world but also secure your business at the same time. Supported with AI and 24-hour help service, we guarantee accuracy in results and precision in time.