KYC Solutions - User-friendly API, Dashboard by Argos KYC

KYC solutions, API
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Is your company looking for a KYC solution provider? If your business already knows the importance of KYC(Know Your Customer), then you may be in the step of choosing which solution provider to use.
There are numerous KYC and AML screening solution providers, and Argos KYC is one of them. Argos KYC focuses on providing the right KYC service to our clients. This includes convenience in using the KYC process and accessing the information directly from the dashboard.

KYC - Seamless Process

Argos KYC currently provides a seamless KYC process for the user's convenience. Know Your Customer may be an obligation for some users and may be an option for others. No matter what is the reason to apply KYC for your business, Argos KYC focuses on providing seamless KYC.
Making the process smooth for the users has a few challenges. The process should not ask too many questions or request excessive actions from the users.
This is why Argos KYC applies liveness detection technology and ID template OCR tool for the convenience of business clients and their users. Liveness detection detects whether the submitted selfie photo was taken live. ID template OCR technology extracts information from the ID cards and categorizes them for fast information check.

AML Screening - Improved Dashboard Interface

Argos KYC not only provides KYC and KYB check but also provides AML Screening. AML screening is important whether the identified person or business is free from the Anti-Money Laundering risks.
Argos KYC helps our clients to stay compliant and be ahead of changing regulations. Argos KYC provides AML risk reports from the real-time AML database. This way, clients using Argos KYC can feel less burden about meeting potential clients with risk profiles.
From the monitored database, Argos KYC clients can directly check the results from the API. Also, clients can make the AML report based on their preferences. Instead of having to look at every information from each section, clients can check the full information based on their own taste.
Argos KYC focuses on the user-friendly interface plus thinks from the client’s point of view for a better KYC solution. Find out more about our solution by contacting our team. Got you covered.