KYC Status - Approved, rejected, pending, incomplete

KYC Status
KYC Status Types.jpg
There is four KYC status when the end-users finish submitting KYC - approved, rejected, pending, and incomplete. Argos KYC tries to provide a seamless KYC process for users to feel comfortable and easy but also uses various AI technology to distinguish any false users. Let’s go through the four results end users may receive at the end of the KYC.

1. Approved

KYC is approved. This means the submitted information by the users was in the match. AI technology detects the face from the ID card and a selfie image. Once the match result shows a high percentage, KYC will be approved automatically.

2. Rejected

The KYC is rejected. We let the users know the reason why KYC got rejected.

3. Pending

The result is being on hold for manual inspection because the auto-approval/rejection conditions were not met. Argos KYC supports manual inspection 24/7 by KYC experts. The team will go through and check why the KYC needs more inspection.

4. Incomplete

This result shows up when KYC was not completed fully and is missing data. Not finishing the KYC process also ends up in an incomplete status.
We let customers know whether the KYC got approved or not. When KYC gets ‘rejected, pending, or incomplete’, Argos KYC informs customers why the results were not successful through email. Users can retry based on the provided information. Broaden your customers with trusted ones with Argos KYC global solution. Got you covered!