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ID Verification System
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The movement in cryptocurrencies is showing popularity among investors. As the interest in cryptocurrency increases, governments around various nations are taking action. One of the actions is applying compliances that can verify identities.
Due to the nature of the cryptocurrency, it is hard to regulate - a decentralized form of finance and an anonymous form of currency. The unique trait of the cryptocurrency industry includes the potential of financing terrorism and money laundering. It's understandable that governments are requiring firms that are in cryptocurrency-related services to register and demonstrate KYC checks.
To combat the fraudulent transactions that may have the possibility of money laundering or financing terrorism, the ID verification system is highly requested by numerous governments. Know Your Customer(KYC) is an ideal system to verify identities. KYC checks include submitting ID cards with real-time personal face photos.
The ID verification system for KYC checks is a simple and hassle-free process. The process verifies two main important values: ID cards and a selfie photo. Argos KYC believes that the KYC process and verifying identities can provide a safer environment in the current rise of interest in cryptocurrency.
Argos KYC can be part of your business to provide a safe and reliable environment to transact with customers. Verify from more than 210 countries and 1,600 ID documents with machine learning. With AI-powered document verification, not only we can match the face from the ID and selfie, but also detect liveness. Adapt KYC solution to your business by your own preference, submission page, API, webhook, or application. Argos KYC got you covered.