ARGOS KYC x CryptoLock New Partnership!

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Argos KYC Inc. is pleased to announce that we have started a new partnership with CryptoLock!
There is a complete alignment with our synergies and integration to provide protective solutions to the #crypto industry.
Argos KYC offers digital ID verification for Web3 businesses including #travelrule ready solutions. ARGOS ID helps on verifying the wallet holder’s information simple, easy, and fast. The service provides full coverage for verifying unhosted wallets, which helps VASPs stay compliant under FATF guidance.
Combining extensive AI-powered KYC, KYB, and AML services with regulatory knowledge of blockchain technology. Know Your Client is a way to check clients' identities and verify if they are who they claim to be. Businesses can build a relationship with identified ones from around the world through KYC. No losing customers or revenues. Argos KYC has global coverage, so meet your clients from around the world who can be trusted with KYC.
Together with Cryptolock’s hot wallet and user asset protection services, we look to enhance the levels of protection and exceed regulatory obligations for clients and their users. Users can be rest assured that CryptoLock will streamline crypto asset recovery services in the event of a breach, hack, or lost crypto leveraging CryptoLock’s elite network of partners used today by the world’s top insurers and financial institutions. By partnering with CryptoLock and cross-selling the CryptoLock membership to their users, VASPs can add an additional revenue stream while instilling trust through transparency as the reports produced by CryptoLock’s elite partners help with regulatory and compliance filings.
To find out more about how you can provide your compliance and legal teams with the tools needed for complete risk management whilst reducing time and costs, please feel free to get in touch with: Bryan Noller : Wonkyu Lee : Paul Densley :


ARGOS has started the business aiming to provide seamless KYC. With the advent of Web 3 and the rise in the crypto industry, ARGOS has expanded its business into ARGOS ID. ARGOS ID aims to provide a Travel Rule solution for verifying unhosted wallets. Identifying users (KYC) and verifying personal wallets (ID) are both available with ARGOS.
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