ARGOS x The Mars, ARGOS is now the official KYC verification provider for The Mars

New Client, The Mars, P2E
The MARS is operating the metaverse project called the MRST Mining APP by developing a metaverse game platform with the setting background in the Mars. The MRST Mining APP is a mobile app which users can mine MRST(Mars Token) tokens.
The Mars has developed the metaverse with the background in the Mars. At the metaverse ‘Mars’, users can purchase the land through NFT. In the purchased land, users can build a building or sell it after gaining a profit just like the real estate business in real life. In addition, after decorating the interior of the building, users can sell as many spaces or floors as they want. And users can gain profits and incomes from building sales and rentals.
Miners who have mined more than 1,000 MRSTs within the MRST Mining APP must first go through the KYC verification. KYC, an abbreviation of Know Your Customer, is an online identity verification solution that helps on preventing funds from using on illicit financial activities including money laundering.
Previously, the Mars provided KYC identity verification solutions only supporting the passport. Passport is great as it has broad coverage to include miners around the world. For the convenience of global miners, KYC with a passport-only process does not seem such a problem. However, it is regarded as somewhat inconvenient when not every user holds a passport due to numerous reasons. In order to provide broader options for selecting identity document types, the Mars has adopted ARGOS KYC for their updated KYC policy. ARGOS KYC covers most of the government-issued IDs from over 210 countries including driver's licenses and passports.
The customer due diligence by the ARGOS KYC applied to Mars is expected to resolve the inconvenience experienced by many users. It is expected that the KYC authentication part, which was difficult for the Mars to solve due to limited internal manpower and development conditions, can be solved by using ARGOS KYC service. The customer verification process has been implemented as of August 12th, 2022.
The Mars announced that it is preparing to officially launch 'The Mars', a metaverse game platform set in Mars in 2023, through continuous development starting with the 'MRST Mining APP'.
Only let the KYC’d users join the Mars. ARGOS got you covered!