Introduce ARGOS' New Service, Onboarding Wizard

Onboarding Wizard

Introducing ARGOS’ new service, Onboarding Wizard.

For 2024, ARGOS introduced a design renewal story last week to enhance its brand and service.
Today, we're continuing from last week by introducing a new service, the Onboarding Wizard. ARGOS is developing eKYC, which provides a non-face-to-face identity authentication solution, and KYB, a corporate identity verification solution. We have further developed a new service called ARGOS Onboarding Wizard, which allows for the selective utilization of distinct functionalities from the extensive array of modules constituting eKYC and KYB and today we are releasing this new service.

The new service, Onboarding Wizard, includes:

Supports a broader onboarding process. Unlike other ID verification solutions, which mainly focus on eKYC and KYB for the financial sector, ARGOS supports various user verification-related onboarding areas such as Face authentication. Our solutions, applicable in various fields beyond financial services, can improve the user experience, reduce the burden on users from complex document-based authentication procedures, and meet the needs of various customers through lightweight authentication methods such as facial recognition or digital ID-based authentication.
We provide automated solutions for unstructured document verification tasks. ARGOS uses Gen AI technology to standardize and automate tasks related to processing various forms of unstructured documents frequently exchanged, especially after initiating a cooperative/contractual relationship. Gen AI is used to extract important information from unstructured documents. The Onboarding Wizard automates the entire comparative analysis process previously performed manually by reviewers to confirm the reliability of the extracted information. This allows companies to process work more efficiently and quickly, thus increasing customer satisfaction.
ARGOS' Onboarding Wizard service provides differentiated value from existing competitors through innovative technology, extensive onboarding process support, and user life management functions.
With this, ARGOS will meet customer needs across a variety of industries and gain a competitive advantage in the market by providing a more efficient and user-friendly onboarding (personal/corporate verification) experience.

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Who is creating the authentication service that ARGOS is creating?
In our society, where fraud due to forgery and theft continues to increase, we are developing customized authentication service solutions for various companies to reduce and block fraud damage.
ARGOS is headquartered in the United States and operates as a branch in Korea, providing digital solutions to companies in 11 countries, including not only the U.S. and Korean markets but also Switzerland, Germany, Singapore, and Hong Kong. We introduce an interview video with Won-gyu Lee, CEO of ARGOS, which is steadily growing with an average annual service growth rate of 100% and an annual contract renewal rate of 94%.

 eKYC's journey with ARGOS

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ARGOS will continue to strive to make your onboarding journey more convenient and secure. Join us in making your online world safer and more convenient!
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